Thursday, November 4, 2010


My name is Josie, I am the product of fastidiously meticulous manners sticklers. I was raised in arguably, the most traditional, not traditional home in the Western-united states, where my lessons on etiquette began almost at birth. I am now a college student, writer, makeup artist, daughter, friend, girlfriend, and consummate lady, always on manners  patrol.

I loved my daily etiquette lessons, I reveled in the idea of becoming a more polished young lady. As I got older, I realized, and was appalled by my peer group and their general total and utter lack of manners. I loathe that we live in a society that promotes and rewards bad and or poor behavior, I want to do everything in my immediate power to change that. Whatever happened to codes of conduct, or self pride?

I have had a life-long love affair with everything “old” I am guilty of loving everything from vintage  literature, film, clothing, architecture, and of course, life-style patterns and behavior. Previous generations valued manners and etiquette in the highest of esteems,  a system that transcended breeding, background, or financial means.

I believe that there is a happy medium, there is a way to conduct yourself as a lady or a gentlemen in the 21st century without being a drag, or a stick in the mud. I hope to be your guide on your fabulous manner-minded journey.

I believe in the power of please, and thank you’s, of hand written notes, or at the very least an email, about considering “dated” etiquette practices, and reviving them to be practical in our daily lives. I believe that good-manners can save the world.

Let’s save the world together, I will explain actual scenarios from my week, you’ll ask me questions, and every week I will commit to answering  the scenario with a modern, younger, twist. I promise to serve up my advice with garnishings of style, taste, and good humor.

I look forward to getting to know you, Polite Patrol. Until we meet again, behave yourself!




  1. Congrats on your blog miss! I look forward to your lessons ;-)

  2. I think it's a shame that nowadays good manners are seen as old fashioned. I think there is nothing wrong with saying please and thank you rather then just snatching something out of someone's hands. I am really looking forward to reading these lesson especially if they are modern. I sometimes wonder whether I could try to be more polite and since I'm thinking that it is probably true.

    I'm quite excited actually.

  3. Thank you so much, Eves and C.Marie! I hope that you're keeping up with the blog, I'm sorry that I didn't respond to you sooner, I overlooked your comments! Please suggest Josiesaysbehave to your friends!
    Best wishes, and happy reading!